Facts About Unlawful Solicitation

Solicitation can sometimes be a problem in Raintree Estates as with other neighborhoods in the City of Allen. Following are just a few facts regarding unlawful solicitation. Should you witness any of the following, please call the City of Allen Police Department immediately at (214) 509-4321.

Per the City of Allen Licenses and Business Regulations, Article III, Section 8-63 and 8-64:

Permit Required
It shall be unlawful for any person to conduct home solicitation without first obtaining a permit as prescribed by this article.

(Note from Raintree Estates: Please be aware that the City of Allen does not require religious or political organizations to purchase a solicitation permit, as well as some charitable organizations. Commercial businesses ARE required to receive a solicitation permit and they are REQUIRED to display it on their clothing when they solicit. The only exception is alarm companies because they are state-permitted.  If you see someone soliciting in the neighborhood without visible I.D., go ahead and call the police non-emergency number to report this individual. We always need to be on the lookout for persons posing as solicitors for the safety of our family and neighborhood!)

Identification Required
The person(s) in charge of conducting the solicitation shall ensure that all solicitors involved in the solicitation shall possess on their persons a valid photo identification card prescribed by the city that correctly identifies who the solicitor is, and for whom the solicitor is soliciting. A solicitor, while engaged in a solicitation, shall display the identification card prominently and in a conspicuous place on such person’s clothing. It shall be unlawful for any solicitor, while engaged in a solicitation, to fail to display such identification card upon their clothing.

Lawful Hours
All solicitation on residential property, whether for a commercial or noncommercial purpose, including the distribution of handbills, shall occur only during the time that is one-half (½) hour after sunrise and one-half (½) hour before sunset, except when the solicitor is on the property by the express prior invitation of the owner or occupant of the property.

No Solicitors
A person desiring that no merchant or other person engage in a home solicitation at his residence, shall exhibit in a conspicuous place upon or near the main entrance to the residence, a weatherproof card, not less than three (3) inches by four (4) inches in size, containing the words, “NO SOLICITORS.”  The letters shall be not less than two-thirds of an inch in height.

No Disturbance
If notice prohibiting soliciting is exhibited, the solicitor shall immediately depart from the premises without disturbing the occupant, unless the visit is the result of a request made by the occupant.

Request to Leave
Any merchant who has gained entrance to a residence or audience with the occupant, whether invited or not, shall immediately depart from the premises without disturbing the occupant further when requested to leave by the occupant.